Artist Bio

I began working as a artist professionally in 2005 after moving to the Ithaca area. My favorite medium has always been wood due to its warmth, variety, and strength. I’ve had no formal training in woodworking. When in college in Vermont, my main areas of concentration were photography and sculpture. 

I probably would have been a furniture maker had I been able to work with straight lines, but for obvious reasons, that seemed out of the question.

My initial pieces were all hand-carved bowls and trays, not using machinery allowed me to explore shapes and forms that were more about feeling than precision. Initially, all my pieces were functional free form, but soon after, I began making vessels incorporating more negative space and less function.

Small grew up quickly. Increasing in size, I began experimenting with steam bending and other methods of manipulation. Recently I've started working with dyes and combining wood with concrete and metal.

The journey continues.... 

New sculptures arriving soon!

Most of the items on my website are sold; however, I can recreate a piece.  Since they are all hand-made, it would be similar, but you would be able to customize it to your desire.